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I've had this bug since 1997.  When I picked it up it was standard, green and white with no engine.  I had been looking for a project for myself and wanted to build a pick-up to use for work, picking up parts etc.  When I was halfway through the build it became clear that I wouldn't be chucking parts in the back and jumping in it in grubby overalls!

It took about two years to get it done and on the road.  Originally it was all red with vinyl signs, with a 2007cc engine and stock box.

I showed the bug at Volksworld in 1999, 2000 and 2001 and raced at North Weald and Santa Pod.  Since then I've been improving the engine and transmission, currently running a 2332 race engine and box.  Check below for details.

To comply with my membership of the VWDRC, I upgraded the rollcage to MSA spec in 2001.

Prosign airbrushed the flames when i changed the colour to purple 


  • 1999 Best of Show Autocavan 

  • 2002 Total VW magazine Feature 

  • 2008 VWDRC, VW Pro runner up

  • 2011  VWDRC, VW Pro Champion

  • 2011 Shakespeare raceway VW Pro Champion

  • 2012 Volksworld magazine feature 

  • 2015 Shakespeare raceway VW Pro Champion

Engine spec

Stroke:                                                   84mm

Rods:                                                     5.500 H beam 

Bore:                                                     94mm

Camshaft:                                               FK89

C/R:                                                       10:1

Rockers:                                                 Autocraft roller 1.5:1

Heads:                                                   Super flows

Valves:                                                   48 x 40mm

Lifters:                                                   Scat lightweight

Ignition:                                                 MSD 6AL, Billet Distributor

Carbs:                                                    51.5 IDAs on port matched manifolds

Header:                                                  Berg 1" 7/8

Muffler:                                                  A1 ss 2" 1/2

Power:                                                   Approx 200 bhp @ 6500 rpm @ wheels

Best ET:                                                 11.95 @109 mph  2012


Gearbox Spec

Type 1 Rhino case raised by 1 1/2"  

Main shaft:                                             H/D chromoly

Ratios:                                                   3.78, 2.21, 1.48, 1.12

R&P:                                                      3.88

Diff:                                                      Quaife LSD

Axles:                                                    28mm H/D sway-away axles, H/D side plates



All steel construction with the rear cab panel made up from double skinned sheet steel with chassis channel welded in between and on top of the heater channels for added strength. Headlamp rims have been welded to the wings headlamps adjust from behind, VW logo cut into wings with indicators fitted behind, shaved bonnet handle, flush fitting fuel filler cap, all trim holes welded up. Bubble design rear wings with trailer lamps fitted behind, all steal removable rear apron with centre exhaust cut out, frenched rear number plate.


Cross drilled discs front & rear


Front suspension:

Adjustable beam, Gaz 90/10 drag shocks, H/D anti roll bar


Rear suspension: 

Adjustable spring plates, urethane bushes, 28mm torsion bars